Drive Shaft Fatigue Failure

A six-inch diameter stainless steel shaft driving a vacuum pump rated at 3000 cubic feet per minute suddenly broke into two pieces. The broken shaft is shown in Figure 1; it was only in service for 11 months. Chemical analysis of the material revealed that it is an alloy of stainless steel – 410.


Hang Glider Crash

A rigid-wing hang glider was being piloted near Point of the Mountain, Utah when it suffered a catastrophic in-flight failure and crashed. The pilot sustained serious injuries but survived. An accident investigation found that the main wing spar completely fractured in two locations: one on the left wing 48 inches outboard of the aircraft centerline, and one on the right wing 83 inches outboard of the aircraft centerline.


Structural Testing of the Kwajalein DCCB

The headline in the November 8, 1988 issue of Stars and Stripes in the Pacific read “Guerrillas Rocket Kabul.” It was Election Day in the US, and George H. W. Bush with his running mate Dan Quayle was about to beat Michael Dukakis and Lloyd Bentsen for the White House.